Services include:


Before start working on an instrument, every aspect of the instrument will be taken into account: including neck angle, bridge, sound post, tailpiece, tail gut, fingerboard and strings, as well as the thickness and the general condition of the instrument. This helps in the better understanding of the instrument.

Records of each instrument are kept so that when a player returns for further work, history of the condition and work done is easily accessible.



Each customer and instrument has different needs.

Consultation is given to provide clear information on the process that can be used in restoring your instrument.

If you would like more information about restoration service, please contact to arrange an appointment in advance.

Set up and sound adjustment

Set up adjustments are made to improve the instruments after careful consideration of the needs of each musicians.

Sound of the instrument is determined by the position of the sound post, neck angle, bridge height, tail piece and strings etc.

Refitting the sound post can usually improve body tension. However, if the sound post is too short for re-fitting, a new sound post will be re.

Adjusting soundpost

Maintenance and repairs

It is a good idea to have annual check up and to have the instrument cleaned to maintain its playable condition.

Following will be checked: the bridge, cracks, open seams, wear of the varnish, pegs and fingerboards as well as general cleaning of the instrument.

The bridge have the tendency to bend towards the neck from tuning the instrument. This will be corrected as well as cleaning off rosin dust around the strings.

Fingerboard condition will be checked. If there is a need, the fingerboard will be trued by minimum amount.