Atelier Tomoko Murai is a dedicated bow string instrument specialist, providing personal services for string players, focusing no every aspect of instrument care, based on my expertise.


Tomoko Ihle Murai developed a deep desire to become a luthier while enjoying attending concerts as a college student.

After studying sociology at Kobe College, I spent three years training at the Cremona International Violin Making School from which I graduated in 2000.

I then spent two years as an assistant instrument maker and restorer for Alberto Giordano at Genova and four years as a rare instrument restorer at Florian Leonhard LLP at London.


I started my own workshop in 2016 in West Hapmstead, North West London where I work on restoring instruments as well as taking great pleasure in working on set-up and sound adjustment with musicians.

I sometimes collaborate on restoration projects with my husband Philip Ihle who works as a world class violin instrument maker.

I also work part time as an instrument custodian at the Royal Academy of Music in London, where I work on maintaining its renowned stringed instrument collection.